26 and Counting!

I turned 26 this year. Well I can’t deny that I feel very excited.

And even though I haven’t accomplished even one third of all the things I want to do, I am grateful for the blessings and opportunities I have received unto this moment.

Well, maybe it does feel strange being 26, single, with a struggling business plan, but still full of hope and many dreams.

To usher in the big day, I didn’t have a huge coloured themed party, but was rather treated to an amazing photo-shoot by one of Uganda’s biggest fashion blogs, http://www.FashionRepublique.net

For starters, Fashion Republique is not only one of my favorite blogs, but I also happened to have been invited on board as a guest writer for the week, during my birthday week. I mean, what more could the birthday girl ask for.

Well, I was treated to an amazing photo-shoot , shot by  celebrity photographer Onel Mujjumbura. If you are looking for a high end fashion shoot experience in Uganda, he is definitely your go to guy.

I was styled by Kaijuka Abbas for the shoot. Abbas is possibly the it-moment stylist in town. He  does have quite the eye for great style, and I loved all the pieces he put together.

The founder of Fashion Republique, Mugume Canary is not only one of the most ambitious people I know, but also quite accomplished, and I do wish him all the best in the world. Working with him on this project was a remarkable experience.

Here are the results of the photo-shoot.


Photo shoot courtesy of Fashion Republique

Photography: @OnelEyes

Styling: @Kai_divo collection

MUA: @FaithmakeupUG


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